Saturday, December 06, 2008

Day of Grace: Day 6

I am awake after 3 hours of sleep. I'm sure that's not enough, but my body thinks otherwise. My back hurts, my toe hurts, and I'm pretty positive my body thinks it's in its' 80s. So. Old.

  1. Madison's belly is warm after she's been sleeping for awhile. If I walk past her in the night, she stretches out as far as she can so I can rub her belly. Sometimes I kiss it because it is soft and warm, but not in an inappropriate way. Don't worry.
  2. I had a great time out with NotQuiteAwake tonight (now last night). We went to a new bistro/restaurant/dessert place and it was great. Awesome food and great conversation. Unfortunately, I wore my tall high heel boots to look fancy and ended up hurting my freakin' toe again. The bruising has spread across the other toes and now I can't put much weight on it. But, I did have a great evening!!
  3. I am getting my list of days grace done before the day even starts!!
  4. I started working on a sewing project for a Christmas present and I'm almost totally happy with it. The finishing touches will be started tomorrow (today).
  5. My chiropractor (actually, my chiropractor's girlfriend -- but she's a chiro too so it's all good) taught me an exercises to help keep my pesky ribs in place. I look dumb and now my back hurts, but I'm strengthening my peck muscles* and "relaxing" my shoulders from hunching. I'm preventing the widow hump, people! Woo!

*We must, we must, we must increase our bust.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo. I haven't told you lately, so thought I'd remind you why I'm filling your feed reader with crap.


  1. My kitty does that same stretch and "rub my belly!" thing, and sometimes I give it a little kiss as well.

    They're just too damn adorable, you know?

  2. I had a really good time too!
    I am so glad that you don't kiss your dog's belly in an inappropriate way because I would like to go out for supper again and that is one conversation I do not want to have.


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