Friday, December 05, 2008

Is that a hint?

Today, my Dad emailed me a link to a story about a guy who was killed for hogging the karaoke machine. He sent it as a warning to me to watch myself now that I've found my talent for karaoke (but not for spelling. That took me two tries.)

Normally, I keep my singing to the inside of my car. It is where I do many of my most embarrassing things -- like lean to the side to let a fart out or practice conversations I've had with people I've hated. Singing is just a part of it. I sing loudly, badly, and constantly. But with passion!

Tonight, I was singing to the music playing on my computer. I find if I have music playing, the dogs are less likely to hear the single snowflake hit our walkway and feel the need to bark for an hour. However, it means I will also likely sing.

I was singing away to something or other and Maddy jumped from the bench by the window to land on my chest and put her tongue in my mouth. As soon as I stopped singing, she would get off and leave. But if I even let out a note, she was back to try and stop the sound at the source.

Who said I was my worst critic?


  1. I'm getting back in the karaoke mood myself, and have been going pretty regularily to "wow" people with my rendition of ACDC's "Big Balls".

  2. I'm so glad you have practice conversations with people you've hated too... if someone else has a quirk that I haven't made public, I can admit to it more freely! :) not that I ever have conversations with people about having conversations with myself... (enter comment about directions to the nearest asylum here)... haha!

  3. what I could have said was: "Thank you for putting into words what I try to ignore"

    But apparently random remarks are my thing.

    plus, I'm on tylenol-3. makes me crazier than usual!!!!

    love you :)

  4. Abigail: Nice! I usually rock'em out with Alannah Myles.

    NC Steph: Oh just what we need. Something to make you crazier!! Tee hee. Love you too.

  5. Dog's tongue. Dirty sock. Whatever works.

    Actually you have a beautiful voice and you three sisters sing very well together.


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