Friday, December 05, 2008

I guess, if I have to

I've been thinking about decorating for Christmas. I've decided where to put a tree in my teeny, tiny living room without taking up too much space. I would like to put lights up outside or a wreath on the door. I would love to have my bookshelf tops to be covered in greenery and bows.

But then I think. For me, decorating for holidays is much like cooking. It's only fun if it's for a family. It's only fun to put up decorations when there are people to look at them. The dogs will look at them, sure, but only to figure out how to take them down and chew on them.

So, I will wait until the sisters arrive and force them to decorate with me. And then I will force them to help me take them down before they leave. It will be the shortest decoration half-life ever, but if they don't help me take them down, the decorations will still be up in May.

Because, who am I kidding? I still have my Hallowe'en decorations up.


  1. Your brother05/12/2008, 23:27

    Christmas sucks

  2. True. But, it means presents and hanging out with me and lots of food. Also, I will let you push the button on the "Let it Snow" house.


  4. Balls. Let IT Snow.

    That doesn't dampen my Christmas spirit, mind you.

  5. I agree. When I was single I never put up a tree, but I did do some other little stuff - Christmas candles and wreaths and things.

    And yeah, the cats (well, cat now, since we're down to one) always go crazy when there's a tree with "shinies" on it!


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