Friday, December 05, 2008

Day of Grace: Day 5

December is going to be really easy to remember this list. If I check what day it is and that doesn't match with my list, I know I'm behind. The rest of the year may be more complicated.

  1. Time with The Guy still makes me laugh. We spent the lunch hour planning to change our names to Hootie McBoob and Max Powers so our children could all have strippers names when we hyphenate. Ginger Power-McBoobs.
  2. No matter how much they've slept, the dogs are always good for a nap. I couldn't have trained them any better.
  3. I sold the treadmill that has been taking up a large space in the basement since my chiropractor told me I couldn't use it.
  4. Even though the wind blew super hard all afternoon, it calmed down while I walked the dogs. We enjoyed a nice little walk (puppies feet are delicate) amid gently swirling snowflakes.
  5. I have shovelled the walk more times this year than I did all last year. And we've had less snow.

Today's was hard to think of things. Not because there aren't a ton of things to be thankful for, but I couldn't think of them.

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  1. LOL @ Power-McBoob!!!!

    Ahh, those poor, poor, innocent children.



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