Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day of Grace: Day 23

  1. I have never known war. I've never seen it, never had anyone I love die from it, never been personally touched by it. My life has always known peace. The only strife I have experienced is that of my own making. Many people across the world cannot say that.
  2. I am literate. I may chose to read trashy romance novels of intrigue and paranormal, but it is my choice. I can read. I love to read. The words become worlds to me, people who I come to care about, places to escape, things to learn. I chose to read because I can. Many cannot. I am lucky.
  3. I have a home and family on Christmas.
  4. I don't get fired for accidentally forgetting to come to work.
  5. I have chocolate in my purse.


  1. More reasons why I love you, my daughter.

    Merry Christmas to you and Wade and Madison and Montel and Vicki.

  2. These are particularly resonating with me. Thanks for sharing.


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