Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day of Grace: Day 24

It's Christmas Eve!
  1. I got a call from an old highschool friend inviting me and The Guy to her mother's for their annual holiday gathering. We went, I got to introduce The Guy, we had a great time and it was so nice to see her again.
  2. After pinching my pennies (for the most part) for the better part of three months, I now have a few gift certificates to a couple of my favourite stores. Which means, I GET TO SHOP!!!!
  3. I ate all I wanted and am not so full I want to puke. Score!
  4. My brother and his wife are coming!!! I am so excited. Mind you, they didn't leave their place until about 5 hours later than they meant to, but they are coming!!!
  5. They are bringing Guitar Hero!!

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