Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No, I typed in "Alternative"

I was doing a search for music I could use for the upcoming wedding. I went to a wedding site where I could chose genre and where I want to use the songs.

I was playing bits and pieces to see if I liked the songs and was getting excited over a few of the songs I had forgotten about. I was shouting things like "Cranberries!!", "Oooh, I love this song by Lifehouse!!" and "Well, I can't use Smashing Pumpkins in a wedding."

Suddenly, Ky turns to me and says "Did you tell the program your age?"

And then I uninvited her from the wedding.


  1. And no more cookies for her either!!!


  2. I always thought the Skydiggers "I will give you everything" would be a super choice.

  3. Oh I love this post! Poor Ky. How will she get back in your good graces?

  4. Giggle: She is so banned from the cookies.

    Kelly: I love that song. Totally stealing your idea.

    Days: There isn't a chance she's getting back in my good graces. Mocking the elderly... sheesh, I thought there was a rule on that.


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