Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lunch date

A few weeks ago, I had a moment of bravery. I emailed Schmutzie and invited her out for lunch. At the time, I was thinking "Hey, I'm home a lot and she's home right now, so we should hang out." Once I sent the email I panicked.

I don't know her apart from she is the wife of a guy who used to be the boss of my sister. Lyn. Oh, that and I read her blog every day. I thought she would think I was creepy and weird for asking her to lunch and then I worried she would think "How dare this person assume I would want to spend time with the likes of her?" in a very snooty British accent. But, to my surprise and great relief, she said she would.

Not unlike the last meeting of a perfect stranger, I started getting nervous about our lunch three days prior. I worried I would get the wrong date, miss meeting her and have her say mean things about me behind my back to thousands of people who read her words. Then, I worried I would show up and SHE wouldn't be there after deeming me unworthy.

The day came (that being today) and I woke up late, didn't shower, and ran out of the house. I made it to the meeting place with a few minutes to spare and realized I looked like a homeless person standing on a street corner. I tried not to look too suspicious as I leaned against the wall of a restaurant and scanned passersby for a semblance of recognition. I was hoping no one would try and give me spare change or proposition me.

Finally I spotted Schmutzie and grinned like an idiot when she waved from across the street. the rest of the lunch went quite well. I was pleased. We chatted like old friends sharing pet stories and blog tips and everything that came to mind. I was self-conscious though during our conversation. I wondered if she would notice the bags under my eyes threatening to take over my face and the ever present pimple between my eyes. However, she didn't look at my forehead too often and eventually I almost entirely relaxed.

I thought she had been cool and collected about the whole thing and I was quite impressed with the soft spoken, lovely woman I met. And then I read her post on the adventure and was, once again, pleased to know we have a lot in common.


  1. Came from Schmutzie's. You two are zit obsessed! I'm glad she has a friend like you.

  2. Welcome! Yes, we have some zit issues. We embrace it.

  3. I love the similarities between both posts. Congratulations on putting yourself out there in the scary meeting strangers world!

  4. Good for you. I need to do more of that, finding some new friends in my area. Working from home it is difficult, and all the folks I used to work with are in another city. Maybe I can find some bloggers nearby to meet!

    Glad you two hit it off and hope your friendship continues to grow!

  5. I had fun, despite all the anxiety. I'm glad I was the only one.

  6. Didn't you steal her napkin? I want a DNA test to PROVE it was schmutzie!! How lucky for the both of you and I am seriously jealous.


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