Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Well, I am anxious and have picked out an outfit

I was telling The Guy about a coffee date I have with a friend of a friend whom I haven't met before.  I was telling him how excited I was to meet her.  The conversation quickly deteriorated.

The Guy: Are you sure this isn't a date?

Me: Of course not!  It's just a chance to make a new friend.

The Guy: But you were "set up" by someone else.

Me: Not really, more like the friend mentioned she'd want to hang out.

The Guy: It sounds just like a blind date.

Me: It's not a date.

The Guy: You are getting yourself a lesbian girlfriend.

Me: Yeah, you would love that.  I'm sure you've been dreaming about that for ages.

The Guy: ... *grin*


  1. Take a thorough shower before you go and give me ALL the details.

  2. Men really don't ever change, do they? Meh.

  3. I'D sure love something like that!


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