Sunday, June 01, 2008

Curse you, Spring!

This time of year is cause for celebration. Winter has finally given up, taken it's ball and gone home pouting. Spring is finally with us - odd temperments, changing moods and unpredictable tantrums aside - and brought with it warmer weather. The birds are chirping, the grass is growing and the trees are blooming.

You would think I wouldn't be able to find anything wrong with this. You would be wrong.

First, let me say that yard work is of the devil. The devil, I say. Nothing good can come of it. Last year the tree almost did me in before I won and beat it to near death. I thought that would be the end of my troubles. I was wrong.

This year I decided to get to the yard before I had 7 foot weeds and couldn't get the mower over the 4 foot grass. I had the blade to the lawn mower sharpened. I changed the oil and reattached the blade. I set out to mow the lawn. I hate mowing the lawn at the best of times. This was not one of them. I pulled on the chord to start the mower. Nothing. Pulled on it some more. Nothing. Pulled on it again. Wrenched my shoulder out of it's socket and watched as my lifeless arm swung useless. Well, not quite, but I did damage my rotator cuff again.

Second, with spring comes birds. Birds who chirp outside my window and horribly early hours of the morning. And, some insane person made it illegal to shoot birds in city limits. Who thought of that?

Third, and most importantly, spring brings... shorts. And tank tops. And... ugh... the expectation that regular shaving is necessary. So far, I have not given in to the temptation. However, I was wearing a Tshirt and lifted my arm and saw The Guy's face cringe in horror. Then, when I moved my arm (I believe to threaten to punch Vicki if she licked me one more time), Ky confirmed it by saying "You have the hairiest armpits in the world."

Sigh. I guess winter truly is over.


  1. Meh... I hate regular shaving. I never, ever wear tank tops, so the pits aren't as big of a deal, but I get warm really easily so shaven legs are a must so that I can wear shorts or a skirt. Blargh... I hate shaving.

  2. the annoying little birdies were chirping outside my window at 4:45am this morning ... i curse the birdies!

  3. 1. We both hate yard work and finally gave in last year and have a professional outfit do it for us. I can't tell you the feeling of satisfaction I get when I come home from work and the lawn is all mowed and edged.

    2. I hate those damn birds. They get in the tree right outside my window and say the exact same chirp five million times.

    3. Shaving is apparently an issue for a lot of women - everyone is talking about it on their blogs. What's the big deal? A little shower gel, a razor, swipe, swipe, you're done. I just shave a couple times a week. No big deal. Good luck with that!

  4. I know how you feel about the birds. The first morning I awoke with a smile at it's chirp. Now I just want to kill it when it starts singing loudly at 5:30 a.m.

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  6. this old man and woman were infront of me at canadian tire today. the man bought a slingshot. "what are you going to use this for?" the cashier asked. "crows!" the old man said gleefuly. "and CATS!" the old woman chimed in.

    apparently, where i'm from, not only is shooting birds in town legal, but so is shooting cats.

  7. Oh yes, yes and yes - hate it all. The shaving is the worst of the three, but they all suck.

  8. I hate the shaving, too. I haven't shaved a thing since last August, so I think I've probably got you beat in the armpit department.


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