Monday, October 29, 2007

Looks how I feel

The tree that has caused me nothing but grief took a beating today. I went outside with the plan to rake the leaves. However, I was distracted by the ugly tree taking up so much room.

So, I decided to cut off some of the smaller branches to prune it down. But then some of the bigger branches annoyed me. So, I got out the hand saw. And I started hacking.

Suddenly, I was taking down entire branches and swinging at the tree with an axe. Oh, note to self - DO NOT USE THE AXE. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW.

In the end, I cut off as much as was humanly possible and threw the remains over the fence into the back alley to be disposed of later. (Or to be set on fire by local hoodlums.) I would have finished dealing with it, but I forgot about my tendinitis and by the time I was done sawing, I now can't lift my arm.

And, I forgot to rake the leaves.


  1. You know that's no longer a tree, but is now a really big pole with some stabbies.

  2. This is some funny stuff. I may be sleep deprived or have a warped sense of humor but I can't stop laughing at this.

  3. That's funny, Laura and I were just commenting the other day that that tree looks pretty sad without any leaves on it. You didn't do it any favours :P

    Oh and if you decide to try cutting it down again, leave the axe in the garage and borrow a chainsaw from someone...much easier on the wrists.

  4. When you said you tossed the branches over the fence, before I finished that sentence, I just assumed you meant into Jay's yard. You know, because I have such faith in you.

  5. Ky: It will grow back.

    Scoobers: It really is that funny.

    Jason: Next time someone else will be using a chainsaw. I give up.

    Gwen: Ha! That's what I was thinking about when I threw them in the back alley. I was like "I should just throw these in Jason's yard."

  6. If you chop it down next year you can throw it into my yard if you'd like...first up on my list of backyard renos is a fire pit.


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