Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yes, AND the City.

I am in count down mode for getting to see a movie I have been waiting years for. In 7 hours, I am off to see Sex and the City. I am so excited. Now, I'm not at the point where I am going to wear my best outfit or anything. I know it's not real and the girls cannot see me from their side of the screen. However, I am wavering between wearing my greatest high heels ever or just wearing my sneakers*. It's a conundrum really.

I asked The Guy if he would go with me. I am scheduled to go with my friend Jess and her husband as well as his sister and her husband. In order to not be a fifth wheel, I thought The Guy would help me out. You know, take one for the team. I promised to kiss him (with tongue**) if he agreed. His response was "Why would I go watch a movie about an old hooker and her three daughters?" He had to golf anyways, so it was a "No" for sure.

I am still planning to go with the women and their men, but I worried it would be awkward. Jess mentioned this to her husband. His response? "Fifth wheel buys popcorn!!!" No wonder he and The Guy get along. Typical.

I will report on how great the movie is soon. I know some of you don't care but you can STICK IT!!!!

*I think I'm going to wear my polka-dot shoes with the 4 inch red heel. In honour of the girls.
**I put this part in just to make Ky and Lyn retch a little.


  1. I made the barfy face and then scrolled down and saw your footnote. Well played.

  2. You mean a straight guy would actually go to that movie?

  3. yah, what kind of super-grrrrrrl power is necessary to get a guy to get a guy to go to that movie? And you had 2 friends who did it?? Craziness.

  4. (I was assuming your friends outsourced the getting of their guy to go to some external contracted agency.)


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