Thursday, February 14, 2008

Much better this time

I have had a decent Valentine's day this year.

Much better than the year I got a box of chocolates thrown at me haphazzardly from across the room with the line "Here, I stole them from work."
Much better than the year I spent the day crying over another guy who broke my heart.
Much better than the year my boyfriend broke up with me. Online. While I was at work.

Today, I got one text msg from The Guy saying he loved me.
Today, I got a tin of mints from the gym for being determined enough to work out on the biggest chocolate day of the year.
Today, I got to help a guy and his two dogs stay somewhere warm.
Today, I got to hear an old lady pass the message to our staff to "be loving to everyone today".

Tomorrow, my Sis in Law and my brother come home for the weekend. I am excited as it is her first time seeing my house. (Before when she saw it, it was my Dad's) And I'm excited to see my brother. Also, I get my Christmas present. Woot!
Tomorrow, I have a date with The Guy to celebrate our first V-day together. I even managed to write in his card something that wasn't too lame. And I wrapped his present in an ad from a magazine to help save the enviroment. Kidding. I just didn't have any wrapping paper that didn't have Santa on it.

Yeah, it's been a much better day.


  1. I'm freakin excited too!!! See you tomorrow beautiful!

  2. YAY Bron!! I'm SO excited for you girl.
    So cool....



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