Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lacking Inspiration

Everytime I need to write in a card for someone, I am transported back in time to highschool. Stunned, I look at the blank page and try and think of something to write. Something that will mean something to the person reading it. And I am blank. I have nothing. No inside jokes, no thoughtful prose, nothing.

Tonight, I am staring at a Valentine's Day card. For my first Valentine's Day with The Guy. And I am blank. I have written his name. And... all I can think of is "I'm glad to have gotten to know you. Have a great summer."

Somehow I think that may be inadequate.


  1. That was awesome. I am so doing that.

  2. How about "Congratulations on your future endeavours"?

  3. Ok, that was funny, but kinda sad. Like, have a good summer? Why don't you just buy a nice card that says what you want to say..Hallmark is good at that, no input from you required. Just sign your name. Lame-o.

  4. On a retirement card at the office I once wrote (with no name attached) "Thanks".

    Puzzled everyone - they talked about it for weeks, trying to figure out what it meant. If anything. So I think you should put something obscure. And possible penquin related. Just to see him try to figure out what you're trying to say.

  5. Janny: Future endeavors. Totally doing that too.

    Jess: That takes all the frustration out of it though. And isn't that really what this holiday is about? Wanting to punch the one you love for making you write something heartfelt and lame?

    KB: I think penguins is a good one. And umbrellas. It shows I care.


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