Monday, February 11, 2008

At least it's the same genre, right?

At our resort, we had three options for "a la carte" restaurants rather than the buffet. Cuban (pork, rice and beans), International (salty chicken and weird fake potatoes) and Italian (Chef Boy-R-Dee and roasted rabbit). At each restaurant, the same musical duo played. (We thought they were following us, but it turns out they play at each place every night.) One played the guitar and his brother played the violin. They were fantastic.

They came by our table to play for us. For the first song, we asked them to play traditional Cuban music. It was very lively and beautiful. For the second request, the guys wanted to be funny so asked for something "popular". The duo played Stairway to Heaven. The entire thing. All 37 minutes of it. (I'm kidding. It just seems that long. I love the song, but seriously, it never ends.) It was very well done and the two men seemed quite pleased at how pleased we were that they knew it.

Later, we were outside on the patio listening to music. I recognized the song playing and commented how the duo must have listened to this recording repeatedly in order to learn how to play the song from the night before. Everyone at the table stared at me in confusion. So I repeated it. Again, they stared at me until I became self-conscious. I asked what I had said that was causing such problem. The Guy looked at me and said, "Bron, this is Hotel California."


  1. Haha... that sounds like something I would do. Love the new header, by the way. :)

  2. Your trip sounds amazing. If you can pull yourself away from the reminiscing for a moment, you've been tagged:

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  3. Haha, you loser.

  4. Brother, shut your trap.


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