Friday, February 15, 2008

La Fondue

Just what you expect to find in Cuba. A Fondue restaurant.

I found the idea of it so hysterical I had to check it out. So, one night when The Guy and I wanted some alone time away from the gang we were travelling with, we went for a fancy dinner at La Fondue.

It looked like what I imagine is a typical Italian villa. Or French wine country. Something quaint. It had a wine glass chandelier and deep mahogony cabinetry. The table clothes were linen and the waiters wore tuxes. And just before you thought it was all about class, you noticed the tacky lights in the shape of grape bunches strung over the back counter.

I ordered a chicken fondue. Being that I have participated in exactly one fondue party thanks to the Queen, I had no idea what to expect. What I thought would appear was a bowl of cheese that I would be able to dunk pieces of chicken into. So when the plate of raw chicken landed in front of me, I whispered to The Guy "What the hell is this?" He explained.

I thouroughly enjoyed my night. We went back with the whole gang later and ordered cheese fondue. What can I say? Melted cheese and pieces of bread. That is my idea of a good time.


  1. LOVE fondue. Cheese, that is. Perhaps not chicken.


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