Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A little salad with your dirt?

Tonight, because we had plans and because I am not feeling well, The Guy called to say he was bringing me supper. He didn't want me to have to drive, so he decided to come to my place.

When he arrived, we decided it was too hot to eat in the kitchen. There were two options - eat in the cool basement amidst unpacked boxes or eat out in the backyard. The outside appealed to us, so we set up the table and moved outside.

There were two things wrong with this plan. The first was the dirt which had been freshly laid the day before. The second was the wind. Just as we were sitting down to eat, a gust of wind covered everything in a fine layer of nice, new topsoil.

We admitted it was not the smartest plan we had ever come up with. The Guy trudged through some of his meal, but in the end was not able to pretend the dirt flecks were actually pepper. I had no such problems. Being the chubby girl I am, I finished every bite.


  1. you're not even chubby!

  2. Krissie is my new best friend.


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