Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My back yard has been a nightmare since I moved in. When I picked out this home for my Dad, I understood that most of the backyard was a garden. I knew there was no way I would use it, but figured Dad's wife might. When I bought the house from Dad and started really looking at the yard, I realized it was not a garden at all. Half the yard had been covered in red rock, but no underlay had been set down first. When the weeds grew - as they are apt to do - the owners prior to my father rototilled them into the ground. Which left me with - no rock, no garden, no grass and weeds with a knack for growing to 4 1/2 feet.

The backyard to me is my oasis. It is my place where I go to hide from reality and play with the dogs and engage in tanning or napping or fetch. It is my calming place where I recharge. Not so much with this yard. I grew frustrated with the three feet by 10 feet of grass. I grew frustrated with the crab apple tree that is littering the ground with fruit I cannot use. I grew frustrated with weeds and dirt and rock. And I let the entire yard go to the dogs. (That was going to be a metaphor, but it's actually true).

Finally, I had decided I had enough. After much research and debate, I called the bobcat to come rip the hell out of my yard. They came this week and tore it to shreds. They deposited a ton of new topsoil and leveled it out the best they could. Now I am waiting for the sod to arrive - they said Tuesday now it might be Thursday... or next week. Awesome.

It is starting to look like it might be a good place for me after all. I am going to sod it eventually and soon it will be a place I want to spend my time. Until then, I will have to hang out inside and watch TV.


  1. A nicely leveled yard and fresh sod? Maybe I'll have my housewarming BBQ at your place instead of mine :P

    What's your issue with crab apples?

  2. No issue with them, just no time or inclination to deal with them. And thus, they are a bother.

  3. That's why I took a chainsaw to my apple tree. (actually I have to do that again... that damn thing is like the tree that wouldn't die or something.)

  4. make sure you water your new sod every day. Unless you want it to look like my back yard. Which you don't.


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