Monday, January 01, 2007

Still crazy after all these years.

We spent a few days in N.B. for another youth retreat and stayed with Grandma while we were there. It was good to see her as she has been lonely and is starting to feel her 87 years. However, in true Grandma style, she provided great entertainment for us.

She has shovelled paths in her backyard for her dog to walk in. She shovelled more than one path because she knows he doesn't just want to play in one area.

She brought up numerous times in our short stay that her dog Davy is getting too old and if his leg goes out she won't hesitate to put him down. She did assure me "I won't try and do it myself though." Phew. That's a relief.

She put cranberry jelly on her pizza. When we questioned her about it she said "Well, you put it on chicken. What's the difference?" As Lyn said, more than we care to explain.

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  1. She should talk to the cranberry marketing board. They could have a whole new direction to go in if they talk to crazy grandma.


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