Thursday, December 28, 2006

We love a bargain

In our family, Christmas is a time of sharing and showing how much we care about each other. Some families do this by seeing who spends the most. Our family does this by buying incredibly thoughtful gifts at the cheapest price we can find. Not only that, but our favourite thing is to tell the other person about the deal we got. We are prouder of what we payed for the gift (or rather didn't pay) than what we actually got them.

If you listened to our exchanges it would go something like this:

1- Thanks so much. This is just what I wanted.
2 - You're welcome. You would not believe what I paid for it. It was regular $110 and I got it for $23.
1 - Seriously? That is amazing!! Here's your gift. This was 30% off and I got this for free! They were going to throw it out but I knew you would love it.
2 - This is the best Christmas ever.

I know you probably think that is overkill, but trust me, it's not. Dad called me yesterday to ask what Grandma wanted for Christmas. This summed it up, "I want to find something that is originally $100 on for $15. She would love that." We are our grandmother's descendants. There is nothing we love better than knowing we got something at a steal. In fact, we're likely to be more choked if the person paid full price. Like "What? I'm worth so little to you that you couldn't comparison shop?"

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  1. Awesome. My family does the same sort of thing over here, especially when they lived in Beijing. When you get to fight for the price on everything, it sweetens the deal.


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