Sunday, December 24, 2006

The wedding. The finale

So the wedding was lovely. We practiced our song about 10 times (en route to the house) and it wasn't too horribly awkward. Dad looked dashing in his new suit (which could house a family of 5) and Tanya was lovely.

Uncle Dave did a very good job officiating and Great-Aunt Francis stayed awake almost the entire time. She did fall asleep during supper, but in her defense it was 8pm and past her bedtime. The lady who did the translating of the ceremony had a beautiful voice and I told her I would have her translate at my wedding as well. Not that anyone needs it, but it sounds so melodious. She then offered to come read to me every night before bed. I may take her up on it.

All in all, it went over quite well with one exception. Me. You can't take me anywhere.

Uncle David was reading his message which was very nice and suddenly my stomach growled. For 30 full seconds. Now, you think this isn't very long, but when you're at a wedding and there is a very small room full of people sitting very close, it is an eternity. (It's like the time I listened to My Sharona with my grandma. An eternity.) Of course, I was mortified. And then, Tanya got the giggles. And burst out laughing! Of course, we all had to stop and laugh. Tanya almost couldn't recover. She had to hide behind her bouquet so she couldn't see me. Uncle Dave thought we were laughing at him at first. When we explained, he said "Well, I would much rather you were being laughed at than me."

In the end, Tanya threw the bouquet and it landed neatly in the crook of my arms. She was very satisfied. Almost like she'd planned it. She's devious that one. Of course, if catching the bouquet guaranteed anything, I would have been the cutest 10 year old bride.

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