Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years and the resolution to do something

Once again, we have entered a new year. All day I have been writing the wrong month and year, but I expect that will continue sometime into May. That's just the kind of brain I have.

Apart from the pesky time/space continuum, I have been thinking about things. About the fact that New Year is the time people jump up and try to be better people. Or at least different people. It is the time of year people join gyms, eat salad, get organized, etc. I guess people rarely start things like that at 3 pm on Tuesdays in August.

I am no different than all the other lemmings who are attempting to shed the 20 Christmas pounds they put on. I am sure that 7 lbs on my tummy is just from butter tarts alone.

Here are the numerous things I have decided I need to change in my life just because we're on a new calander. (Mine's of sleepy puppies.)
  • no junk food or fast food or fatty take out. (I can still eat out at restaurants as long as it is healthy.)
  • no more than one Coke a week.
  • excercise a min of 15 mins a day on the treadmill. (I will also continue with walking the dogs 2 - 3 times a day.)
  • Organize my file drawer - put away things I don't need ready access to and make the stuff I do need easier to find.
  • Clean out my cupboards and find places for everything to go.
  • Change the way I spend money and actually develop (and stick to) a budget.
  • Be more interesting on my blog.
I imagine these all will fall by the wayside in short order. Sorry for your luck, but I'm not liable to get more interesting.


  1. If it helps, I think your blog is already wonderfully interesting. ;)

  2. I will get you that $5 later. Thanks.


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