Thursday, December 21, 2006

Earthly treasures.

I got a call from Grandma last night. She wanted to know if I want her to send a dresser with my brother when he comes through town. Her reason?

"Well, I'm going to die soon and I will just have to get rid of it all then."


  1. What a little ray of sunshine. :)

    My parents say stupid shit like that. I guess it's just their fear telling them to say it out loud and then it won't be so scary or something.

  2. Grandma seriously is trying to be practical. And, you know, save us work later or something. She's too funny.

  3. Sometimes she and my own Grandma are so similar it's insane. Considering the fact that, years and years ago, it took everything in me to convince her to remove the plastic from her lamp shades (because they had big neon stickers all over them saying "remove plastic before using lamp shades"). Her reasoning? "I'm going to die soon anyway, and it'll be easier to move them again if they're still in the plastic."

    I told her that people would be more depressed, if they discovered that she had those tacky neon stickers all over her lampshades.


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