Friday, December 22, 2006

Getting it done

I have successfully finished four out of five nights working and already have been up since about 12:30. Tonight, I will be very grouchy and tired, but that is to be expected. And I'm working with Goose tonight and I think he would be disappointed if it was any other way. I have been very busy this afternoon and am thinking of heading for a nap shortly.

I decided it would be a good idea to wrap presents instead of sleep. So, I have now wrapped almost everything I actually have purchased. Much to my chagrin, the present for my father which he has been begging for for months, has not arrived. I paid $10 extra on shipping and they promised it would arrive and it has not. I am beyond annoyed. However, the other present is here and is now wrapped quite jauntily.

I am using a new mantra for this year's wrapping. "If you're using more than 3 pieces of tape to wrap a gift, you are using too much." This is not normally my style as I am the girl who once used an entire roll of duct tape to wrap a gift. And yes there was actually wrapping paper as well. I have been successful following my new creed with one exception. For a rather large gift, I ended up using 13 pieces of tape. Packing tape. Oh well, it's not going to rip through and that was what I was worried about.

Why am I being so careful to be prescise in my use of tape and gifts? Because I take everything I learn on The Office very seriously, thank you. Most of all, do not bring tuna fish sandwiches to work on your first day or you will be given a rather unfortunate nickname. Also, when creating a committee of one person it is possible to deny the entrance of a second person with a quick vote by the existing member. It will stand up in court. Really.

Anyways, that is enough for now. I will go back to have a nap. Although, it is about the time people will start calling as "Surely she's awake by now!"

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  1. Have you seen the UK version of The Office?? I loved the American version, still do, but the original one which I saw second is THE BEST!


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