Friday, December 22, 2006

Funny story about dead moms

Last night I was working with my friend Norma. We were pleasantly chatting away while writing reports and enjoying the night. Suddenly, weird children's music came floating down the hallway. It played for about 2 or 3 minutes and when it didn't stop, I went down the hall to investigate. Just as I stepped into the hall, the music stopped.

Now, we have a lot of donations of toys that we give to people so they have presents for their kids on Christmas, so I thought nothing of it. One of them must have gotten bumped by another and set off. I turned around and sat down in my chair again.

The music started. Norma went to investigate this time. The music stopped as she stepped into the hall. She sat back down. The music started.

Norma and I both have overactive imaginations and immediately started regaling each other with stories that the building is haunted. However, being that I was leaving soon to head home and Norma would be alone, we ended up actually scaring ourselves silly.

The music kept starting and stopping before we could find out where it was coming from. Norma looked at me and said "Your mom and my son are having a great time trying to scare us! I bet they are looking at each other in heaven and grinning ear to ear."

We did find the culprit eventually. I went through the main box until I found it. The thing that had been scaring us so badly and made us think our departed family members were messing with us?

A giant yellow snail.

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