Friday, September 22, 2006

I am becoming my mother

I knew it was inevitable. I mean, genetically, it makes sense. Half of my make up is hers. (My genetic make up. Not my mascara. I bought my own.)

In some ways, I've always been like her. My voice is like hers I am told. My answering machine message will sometimes confuse me. And then I realize, no it's not her. And then I take up smoking to lower my voice. (No, no, I don't really. That's just an old ploy that film companies used to use to make women sound sexy. Hacking cough being the height of hot.)

I also have the great ability to make every suggestion, request or comment sound like a guilt-trip waiting to happen. Much like Marge Simpson, there is no tone of my voice that doesn't sound like a nag. Ask my sisters. (Seriously. They love to complain about this one!)

Most of my phrase-ology is like Mom's too. Not cool. There will soon be a time where I look at someone and with all honesty will say "Wow, he's a hunk." At that time, I request anyone who truely loves me to beat my head in with a stick.

But now, even the things I wanted to avoid are coming true. Alas, I occaissionally find stray chin hairs and think "What the hell?? Who did I piss off to be punished with this?" But this is the final straw.

I sneezed and almost peed myself.


  1. In my case it's my father. I'm picking up all his hillbilly sayings and I'm very overprotective of loved ones (to the point that its silly and nagging).

    Ugh. We knew it was going to happen, yes, but so SOOOOON????

  2. I think you are safe from becoming your mom, you have never used the word "hunk".

  3. Um, she so totally has. She even says things like, "That looks sharp!"

  4. I have not!! That is a blatant lie!

    I said "snazzy".


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