Friday, September 22, 2006

Highly susceptible

I have been reading a blog of a woman from London. Which means that everything I have thought, read, typed or spoke in the last few hours has been in a British accent. It is actually quite fun to do this, but ever so distracting when trying to get a point across and not seeming to be making a mockery of the information. I emailed my father earlier tonight and he wanted to know why I sounded so unlike me. I informed him that if he only read my email in the voice of Emma Thompson, it would sound quite alright.


(Something else I have noticed of late, I am a dreadful speller. Back in the day I was quite proficient at it. I still read copious amounts and yet, my spelling declines. But only for words that I use quite regularly and have always spelled correctly in the past. The more I look at them, the worse I spell them. And yet? I spell diarrhea correctly every time. Except that one. I had to go back and fix it. My fingers are working independently of my brain.)


  1. We just need to play MORE scrabble!!!!
    Everyone knows, practice makes perfect...

  2. I know exactly what you mean - when I read the blogs of people from the UK, I can hear myself reading in an accent!!

    That's too funny. Aren't brains weird???



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