Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A picture or a thousand words

I have writer's block. Me. The girl who never shuts up. The girl who was told just last week that no one could ever forget to pick me up because their car ride would be so silent they would know something was wrong. The girl who talks to her dogs all day just so the words don't build up and cause a brain aneurysm if kept inside. I have nothing to say.

I'm mostly wallowing in my own brain. And I'm not sure if there is anything in there.

On a funny note, an old man had his false teeth stolen "right from his mouth when he wasn't looking".

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  1. had his false teeth taken out of his mouth while he wasn't looking?? That crime at it best I tell ya. Joe Gabruch was in the Carribbean once and was looking at the lovely blue water and a wave came up and grabbed his teeth and promptly carried them out to sea...there's probably some shark out there flashin' them pearly whites!


Crap monkies say "what?"