Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm gonna need a vacation after this

On Friday, I leave for yet another vacation. I know, it's like I never work. This time I am heading to Spokane again for another church camp. I like this one a lot. I went first when I was 18, then not again for a zillion years. Now, I make it my mission to be there. Of course, this year my partner in crime will not be there, so I will have to find something else to do and someone else to bother.

I am not looking forward to this trip. In order to lessen the pain of paying for all the gas on the trip, I have needed to car pool. Gas here is $1.19/litre. And considering a litre is about 4 gallons, (actually, I got it backwards. A gallon is 4 litres. Oops) that's a CRAPLOAD of money. I talked to a friend from Saskatoon and we decided to go together. She told me there were a few people wanting a ride as well. I wanted to take my car so I would have some control. How foolish I was.

First, I knew the girl I'm going with is a control freak. Down to the minute kind of control. I can handle that. I can go with the flow, as long as I'm the one in charge of that flow. Change that? My world falls apart. So I can understand her pain. However, she wants to take a 2 day trip and turn it into a 4 day trip. God help me. The only good thing is, I can stop in and see my brother while people are covorting in Calgary.

Second. One of the people who is coming in the car? My ex. G. Who has had one conversation with me since all the crap went down in March and it was to mock my dieting efforts. Hmmm. 18 hours in the car with him should be fun. Considering that the last time we made this trip was a big deal for us and blah, blah, expectations... blah, blah, he's an asshole.

Third. The rest of the group consists of some of the most irritating girls I've ever met. One who likes to spontaneously touch people all the time (and I HATE that) and the other who is just too happy. It's creepy. For serious.

Anyways. I'm going. I'm leaving at 8am after I am finished my 4th night shift so that I can get there by noon. I am going with people who don't listen to my kind of music and probably will talk my ear off. I'm going even though it will take for bloody ever to get there. And I will be patient and kind and nice and not kill any of them and not make G ride in the trunk. For long.


  1. Sounds like fun. I've pretty much figured out who all you're making the trip with, except the spontaneous touchy person. By the way, I sincerely hope that the litre is about 4 gallons thing was meant as a joke.

    Have fun! Drive safe! Don't kill anyone (that I'm fond of)!

  2. I know the spontaneously touchy one. The funny thing is that she hasn't actually been as spontaneously touchy for the past couple of years (which is why you'd have trouble guessing which one), but most of May-B's associations with that girl stem from when this particular one was 12.

  3. You know, it is your car. You should control the music.

    And make G. take the back seat, and then take lots of leg room for yourself. :)

  4. I agree about the music. and the leg room. very good suggestions.

  5. I leave, for a total of three days, and you completely lose you mind. I hate it when I have to get stern with you, but hey: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

    You know what this is like? Those monks that flail themselves with whips and chains. You are PURPOSELY doing stuff that will, in the end, not kill you but force you to kill someone else.

  6. So this is me, being the one who tries to make nice (though I'm really enjoying that Dixie Chicks song about being not being ready to make nice - the "mad as hell" line has been stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG!), I feel it necessary to let you know that we can always work out new carload arrangements when you guys get to Calgary... and I personally am REALLY grateful I get to go shopping with you! And if you just really want to take Jen's advice and push the seat back really far -- I'd be entertained... :)


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