Friday, July 28, 2006

Dogs in love

Today, KB dropped off her dog for the weekend. He is in love with my Dad's dog, Vicki, and the four dogs are going to be able to play all weekend. I had worked nights last night and so went back to bad after he arrived. When I went to check on him an hour later, he was digging his way to freedom. I hollered at him and he slunk over to me. He rolled onto his back and looked at me with pleading eyes. Yeah, like I'm buying that buddy.

He has stopped trying to make a run for it now that Vicki is here. He looks at her with adoring eyes and she occassionally pays attention to him. Maybe that's what mysterious means?


  1. oooh, somebody needs a spell check..and a nap..haha, just teasing!

  2. Oops. Bed not bad. Was there anything else I missed??

  3. Frankly, I like to think that you did go back to bad after he arrived. I can't believe he made a bid for freedom!


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