Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Part #4 - Meeting blog people

Why does that sound like a bad B-Movie? The Blog People.

Anyways... this weekend, a friend got baptized. There were tons of people there (well 42 or so, which doubles the church's normal attendance) and afterwards, Arian came running up to me with a woman in tow. And I got to meet my first blog friend. Julia PHD was at church!! It was so fun. We didn't get to talk much b/c it was her anniversary and she was going out, but it was so interesting to meet someone I have only talked to on this blog. And it wasn't like she was a stalker or something - I mean, she is a friend of my friends - so it was kind of neat.


  1. It amused me endlessly that you got a blogger meet-up at church. Julia was seriously thrilled that she was going to meet you.

  2. It's true. I was totally stoked. And you definitely lived up to the hype! And, had there been enough time, we basically could have held our own mini blogHer conference with you, me, QoWP, LynnieC, Ky, Ariann, and Meg. That would have been hella cool. But you know, me and my anniversary... Boys always mess everything up... :P

  3. It's true. Next time, we should ditch the boys and have ourselves a good old time. That would have been great.


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