Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Since I've confused anonyboy with my work conversation, I thought I would explain. I'm a social worker. I work in a 24 hour office and we deal with a lot of different things. Homeless, druggies, old drunks, abandoned kids, mental health clients, out of control teens, prostitutes, etc. Thus, the client bathrooms can be a little gross. I've been here 7 years. Before that, I worked as an advocate for people on welfare and as a home inspector for people on welfare. It's been fun. My first house I ever visited had blood dripping down the front door. It was awesome. I've been assaulted once, threatened more times than I can count, called every name I know and I few I'd never heard of, had 3 knives and 1 gun held to me and had to drive backwards down the street with a man hanging onto the windshield (sorry Kel). I love almost every moment of my work. It's a blast.

As for crazy grandma, she is still in hospital. The surgery has been postponed due to a blood clot. Ky has been up there for over a week visiting Gram all the time and looking after the dog. Grandma is tired, but doing well. Otherwise, things are up in the air. Thanks for praying for her. She's a tough old bird, but every bit counts!

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  1. Wow! What an awesome job! The conversations definitely make more sense now, thanks.


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