Monday, May 15, 2006


Worker 1: I broke the handle on the employee toilet again. I think I'm going to take the one from the client bathroom.
Worker 2: Ew.
Worker 1: Yes, me. I wouldn't ask you to do it.
Worker 2: No. Ew.
Worker 1: Yes... me.
Worker 2: No. Eeeeeeew.
Worker 1: Okay, I don't get it.
Me (listening to the whole exchange): Oh for God's sake. "Ew" as in "yucky, gross, client's touch that"
Worker 1: Oh. Well, I plan to wear gloves when I get it.


  1. What type of work do you do??? I mean, we all hear a conversation between two really dumb people from time to time, but at some point one's environment is to blame!

    (BTW, I felt like a really dumb person writing this comment: I actually mispelled a word using a punctuation mark (,rom), which is a first for me.)

  2. Is your grandma doing any better? I'm still praying.


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