Monday, May 15, 2006

Stuff I hate

People who park on angles in parking lots. You know the ones. With the cars they think are "too important" to park normally. So, they take up extra space and superiorly piss off the rest of the world. Ky has, at times, threatened to pee on their door handles and Lyn has actually retaliated by kicking their cars (causing the alarms to go off).
Today, there was a beige convertible (who buys a beige sports car???) parked like a jackass. Top down and parked in front of a dive-y little restaurant that has the best honey-dill dipping sauce in town. Did I mention he was parked like a jerk? I was so angry at this twit that I seriously considered pooping on his front seat just so he would know what a moron I think he is.
But then there was this scary biker guy standing outside having a smoke and I think he would have enjoyed it too much, so I changed my mind. But, oh that guy deserved it.


  1. I'm always tempted to find a few guys with old cars made of Detroit City steel (not nice cars...something like Emerson's Lebaron), and have them park 6" to either side, behind and (if possible) in front of such a car.

  2. Who has the best honey dipping sauce in town? And why haven't you told me about it sooner? And perhaps it was the smoking biker that deserved it - maybe his life was so messed up he deserved to have a break in his day watching you poop on some jerks taupe car. Beige. Whatever.

  3. KB, It's Triple 8. I love it there. Although, just thinking about it makes me gain about a thousand pounds. I will force it upon you some time.

    Matt, I totally agree. Maybe next time I will give you a call and that's what we can do. They deserve it.


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