Monday, April 24, 2006


For the first time in months, I am motivated to clean my house. What am I doing on here then? Duh, taking a break. What are you, my grandmother? I've already swept and vaccuumed the back entry, washed it on my hands and knees and played ball with the dog. Now I am moving in tiny steps through the kitchen. I have cleaned from the back door to the sink. Okay, its only about 2 feet by 6 feet, but I am pacing myself. Its a big job. (haha, big job. That's what Grandma calls her dog's poops) Anyways. I am cleaning the walls and the floors and the microwave... oh, except the inside, I just remembered. It will be a busy day. And now I am going out for supper with a friend from church at 6pm. Her hubby is going to keep her kids and we're going out. Should be fun.

When I was living in Saskatoon with my roommate Re, she always knew something was wrong when she would come home at 3am and I was on my knees cleaning the floor in the kitchen. It is usually how I process. She would be alternately really worried and quite pleased that I was finally cleaning!


  1. Update: I moved the stove. I would like to say "Eeew. Icky." And "Oh that's where that is."

    Another update: Lyn and I are pigs. This house is disgusting.


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