Monday, April 24, 2006

Birthdays coming

It is a mere 31 days until I turn 30. I am starting a countdown. And in celebration, I am going to post puppy pictures. I may post some of me too, but I will tell you its me so you don't get confused. Why am I posting puppy pictures you may ask??? It will be their first birthday on May28 (only 3 days after my big day). And so I want to reminisce of a time when they were teeny and I was further from being old.

The left pic is of Maddy (aka Madison and not to be confused with my friend's daughter Maddy aka Madeline). She's my baby girl. Since she's the mom of the other babies, I figured it was only fair she be first. The right pic is the two pups Dad kept - Montel and Vicki. All the puppies were named after talk show hosts. No... there was no Oprah. Do you know how many people ask that???


  1. I heart the babies.

    And yes, I call the puppies the babies. But I feel I have that right because I watched them all get born. One of them on my bed. So they will always be babies to me.

  2. B: I was going to say you had dyslexia or that I didn't know how to count, but the blogging fairies seem to have resolved the problem.

    LC: That's cool. Just don't call babies puppies - that's kind of mean. Unless it's a really ugly baby and you intend it to be a compliment. Karma would have to let you slide on that one.

  3. Why did I have dyslexia? I usually can't count and it took me a hundred times to try and post this one. I don't know what was going on with Blogger at the time.

    My Dad calls babies "human puppies" when he is talking to his dogs about babies. It's weird.

    For crying out loud, my word verification is 14 letters long. WTF???? Ok, only 8 but still that's annoying.

  4. Were the pictures reversed earlier today/last night?

    Yah, blogger is all f'ed today. It might have been that.

  5. I don't think they were reversed... But again, I have no idea what I am doing most of the time, so it could have been.


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