Thursday, March 16, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

Actually, I came back on a jet plane, but that doesn't work for the song. I am home now. I got to Calgary early to have dinner with a friend and then went to the airport to find that all the flights were delayed. So I sent Grae and Mel home b/c they have an hour and a bit to drive back and I sat in the airport. I bought a crossword book (yes, I'm a dork) and a Tim's and went to town. The plane was over an hour late. And then they sent us to three different gates before settling on the one we would actually leave from. Then we loaded the plane and sat for 40 mins in the plane. And I had to fart, so it was really awkward. Then it took way longer to fly back than I thought and we didn't arrive until almost 2 am. And then the luggage took forever and then the cabs were behind so I stood outside in the cold. Although, the great part is... there was a cute guy there who offerred to share a cab with me except we were going to opposite ends of the city. I know, if I was Carrie I would have gone to his place first and not let him know I was going to the other side of the world, but I was tired and cold so I declined.

I realized certain things:
1) I hate to travel. The flight itself is fine. I like it well enough. But, I hate going to the airport and going through all the things and having to take off my belt b/c the buckle is "huge" thus saith the guy who just wanted to see if he could get my pants to fall down as I walked through his terminal thingy.
2) When I have to be alone in a public place, I am terrified. Totally. And so, I over compensate and tell myself I am very cool and important and then try to seem that way to everyone else. Like I am much too important really to be taking commercial flights, but my personal plane is in the shop.

Anyways, I have stuff to do now. So you can all stop talking about me behind my back.


  1. Does the cute guy offereing to share a cab count in the random stranger comment category?

  2. Can we talk in front of your back or behind you in the front or just here in the comments?

  3. Well, I guess I can't stop you from talking in front of my back to my front or anything... but I would prefer if you just left comments. Then I know what you are talking about and can defend myself.


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