Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How to scare a Jehovah's Witness

1) Have a three day migraine causing you to sleep 24 out of 30 hours (the other 6 hours spent watching Buffy).
2) Have very short hair that stands straight up after you sleep
3) stumble to the door in your pjs
4) swing open the door

Literally, at this point, the JW's gasped in horror. Um... not the best way to make me feel like inviting you in. I think it must have been the hair. I am hoping this causes the poor women never to come back, but I think not. This lady is on a mission. She has come faithfully at least once a month since May. I don't let her in and I tell her repeatedly that I know God and go to church and it just doesn't seem to matter.

On another note, my puppy is sick. She spent about 2 hours shaking last night and she won't go outside and she's lethargically laying on my lap. And now I am going to look up carbon monoxide poisoning and its affects on dogs b/c my stupid brother put it in my head. I don't want my dog to be sick. Its really pathetic.

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