Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Me and Snuffalupagus

When I was a kid, I thought television was watching me. Not that I was paranoid, but it just seemed that way. One day I was sick with a cold and got to stay home from school. This was a rarity as Mom believed that if you hadn't thrown up, weren't lighting fire from your head with fever and hadn't any limbs or major organs broken or exposed, you were going to school. But, I was sick and I was home and Mom turned on Sesame Street. And low and behold, Snuffalupagus was sick too. With the SAME THING! I was sure that the writers wanted me to feel better so made something I could relate to. (I realized years later that on any given day at least one kid would have been home sick - DUH) So, I sat watching Snuffy with the snuffles and thought to myself "I totally hear you, dude" (Although, probably something not quite as surfer-ish)

Why do I bring this up? B/c I am on my days off and I am starting to get sick. And I know that I am just going to be sick on my days off and the day I have to go back to work I am going to be fine. BOO. And, I didn't want to be sick this weekend b/c I am going to Saskatoon and I wanted to look killer good and totally out of reach to prove to G that I am totally over him and he should regret being a moron. But now I am going to have puffy eyes, runny nose and chapped face from blowing. BOO. Oh well. I think I still may wear my new killer high heels so he feels tiny in my presence. (He's 5'9" and I am 5'10 3/4" but about 6'2 or 3" in these heels) So, HA!

Okay, so maybe I'm not totally over anything. But that's hardly the point. I bought good shoes.


  1. You know, when I was reading your last post, I was thinking to myself, "May-B needs some killer shoes, probably with really high heels. That always helps."

    And I have a cold, too! Maybe you caught your cold through the blogosphere from em. I got to stay home from school yesterday, because my prof just finished cancer treatment and so you stay home if you're at all contagious, and all I did all day was take naps and watch Mean Girls. I highly recommend. I slept thirteen hours yesterday.

  2. That hair cut is hot...throw in those shows and you're one of the top three babes in the province, top ten in the country. Because there must be hot women in other provinces. Not three, only Saskatchewan has three. 'Cause we're a hot province. Is it possible to be vicariously hot?

  3. You should play basketball with him and post him up. Then he would feel stupid!

  4. I love it! Wear those shoes and look killer!!! hahaha...I just know exactly what you mean! Sorry about the cold, I hope you didn't catch it from my blog :(

  5. Seriously, did we all catch colds at the same time? I'm pretty sure Ky has a cold, too. And Karl. And both Pink Cupcake and her husband. It's like all bloggers have simultaneously caught colds...

    I'm a-skeered of my computer now.

  6. No! It cannot come near me!!! I have too much to do! I cannot get sick.

    Though, if I do, it is more likely that I cought it from Grant, or Peter, or my field placement supervisor...

  7. Ladies, it is true. Tall shoes solve everything. And I swear if I caught this cold through my computer, I am going to be seriously pissed.

    Roger, I am so going to do that. Although, I am wondering if I can play b-ball in 3 1/2" heels.


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