Monday, February 06, 2006

Food mishaps

Well, I owe Mel an apology. Mel and I lived together for over a year and a half before she married my brother. And there were many times I made a great deal of fun of Mel for the ridiculous things she would do. Well, I think I topped it all. First I will tell the Mel stories and then I will tell you what Lyn discovered.

Once Mel and I could smell a horrible smell in the kitchen. We couldn't figure out what it was. We searched and cleaned and sprayed smelly things and the smell would NOT disappear. I even went so far as to move the stove and fridge and clean under them for fear some unsuspecting animal had met his demise under our appliances. Weeks went by and we never found the smell. Until one day. I forget who it was, or what we were planning to make, but one of us opened the microwave. And there it was. In a bowl, covered in three inches of green mould, was brocolli. Brocolli. Now there are many things that bother me about us discoving this. One being that we didn't open the microwave when we were cleaning, two being that we hadn't used the microwave in weeks and three being that, apparently, we hadn't eaten our brocolli. So, we try to clean the microwave and toss the mouldy brocolli, but the smell still lingered.

Until one night we decided to make popcorn. We were watching American Idol (or was it Canadian?) and Mel decided to make popcorn. So, she threw the bag into the microwave and hit 5mins. Then, the person she wanted to win actually won AI, so Mel began riding her pony. (This is an exhaustive thing to watch let alone discribe). Suddenly, we said "Do you smell burning?" We raced to the microwave to find that the popcorn bag was on fire. ON FIRE. On the plus side, the smell of brocolli was finally gone.

Anyways, I think I have finally topped it. Lyn came online last night and asked "When did you last make squash?" Um... I rack my brain. Um... the night before Grae and Mel left to see her family... Um... The 25th? Yeah. I think. So, Lyn advises me that we didn't eat them that night and the squash (4 strips of butternut squash) was still in the oven. Covered in mould. And smelling worse than brocolli. Sigh. Thank God I wasn't home and Lyn had to clean it up. Cuz that would have been gross.


  1. eww.... at least it was something gross like squash that got wrecked, and not something nice like lasagna.

  2. This stories demonstrate how often you cook.

  3. I'm a moron. Let's try this again:
    "These stories demonstrate how often you cook."

    I realized my mistake after it posted.


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