Sunday, February 05, 2006

Its such a good story... I need it on here.

I know this is from ages ago. But, its such a good post, I don't want to lose it. So, for all your enjoyment, here it is again!

December 28
The case of the missing teeth
This morning I woke up to find my grandma frantically searching for her teeth. Grandma was staying with us last night in preparation for her trip home with Ky and Lyn today. Last night before bed, she brushed her false teeth and put them "somewhere". She couldn't remember exactly where by the time she woke up. So here she is, at 8 am, in her pantyhose and a blouse, frantically searching the house. She looked on all the counters, in the bathroom, in her purse, her makeup kit, her jacket and even her shoes! Ky and I searched the kitchen, the livingroom, my room (where she was sleeping) and all over. No teeth. Grandma is now terrified she will have to take the bus to North Battleford from Saskatoon with no teeth in her mouth. As we are busy searching, I realize that a pair of my underwear is also missing. (Not that these two things should be related) But, it makes me wonder why on earth things are disappearing. Aha! I check the end of my bed under all my blankets. There, in a pile, is: my underwear, a bone, a chew toy and... Grandma's teeth. Maddy had brought them to me during the night. All Grandma could say was "At least I'm not going crazy" and then she put her teeth back in her mouth.

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