Sunday, February 05, 2006

New frontier

So, here I am. A new place, a new start... why do I feel like I need to explain myself - who I am and where I come from? anyone reading this 1) doesn't care or 2) knows me already!

I have decided to post some of my last few days in here so that things don't look so bare and so that no one misses anything. I hate missing things. When I was a kid, I never wanted to sleep or go anywhere for fear SOMETHING cool happened while I was gone. I just knew that people were waiting until I left the room to have fun. I knew it. And you think they would tell me about it? No, they just let me suffer!!

February 03
Long road travelled
I just got back to Regina from Calgary this morning. I drove my brother's truck to Red Deer on Wednesday. He and Mel moved there and just before they left, he sprained his ankle. Of course they have two vehicles and she can't drive a stick, so I offered to drive it there and then I flew home. It was a lot of fun. Grae and I travelled together and we couldnt' remember the last road trip we were on just ourselves. The trip was a lot of fun.

We stopped in North Battleford to see Grandma and stay the night. Grandma is insane. It is always entertaining to visit her b/c she is so strange. We told her not to bother making us anything to eat, we would grab a snack when we got there. So, of course, there was fresh homemade soup waiting for us with crackers, cheese, dessert, etc. There was no convincing her that I didn't need anything else to eat. Grandma is a big fan of pushing as much food on you as possible (like any dutiful Grandmother) and then mentions how much weight you've gained recently. Wednesday night, we decide to play Scrabble with Grandma. She loves it and Mel got her a new dictionary so that we can use all the 2 and 3 letter words that Grandma doesn't believe exist. One of us played "XU" which is a Vietnamese monetary unit and Grandma asked at least 10 times what it meant. Each time, it was like she'd just noticed it was there. Too funny. And then, when Grae was heading to bed, she offered to let him use the pot under the bed in the spare room just incase he couldn't make it to the bathroom on his crutches. I almost burst a gut listening to her explain how some of the older ladies who have stayed with her before had to use it. Blah. I could just imagine how Grae was freaking out to know someone had peed under the bed!! Then, the morning we were leaving, she prayed that we would have "quick thoughts". Mel laughed outloud at that one and had to pretend she was coughing. It was awesome.


  1. You are the best. I am forever in debt to your kindness. You rock my world. Going to Grandma's was the best part of the trip. I asked her for lotion before bed and she brought me into her room and showed me about ten on her dresser. She said she was confused because she didn't know where they all came from and had a feeling that her sister's have been leaving them there for her. AWWWWWW.

  2. The other cute thing Grandma did is call Auntie Marj yesterday and said "What about the crutches?". Auntie didn't have a CLUE what Grandma was talking about! Grandma wanted to know how Grae was going to return the crutches from wence they came.


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