Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bad dog!

While I was in the shower, one of the dogs ate a sleeping pill. I found half of it in the hallway. It must have been in the bottom of my yet-unpacked suitcase. So, I am waiting for one of them to pass out. But, so far - it's been 2 hours and they are still up. Thank God. I didn't want to have to explain to the vet that my 10 lb dog ate a sleeping pill meant for a full grown adult. I have a feeling the dog protection people would be on my door in a second carting my three lovelies off to the pound. On the up side, they haven't gotten any of my anti-depressants yet. That could be ugly!

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  1. !!!

    That's all I can say. Chris thinks that, if one of the dogs does pass out, pump its stomach. At first he was suggesting to do that to all three dogs, and then he reatracted that statement.


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