Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wherein my garden exploded

I came home from my week away to find that my garden has been taken over by things that look suspiciously like vegetables.  Having had little to no experience with them for over 18 years, I was suspect.

Today, I wandered out in my pajamas to take a look.  If you recall from my earlier pictures, my garden was a mix of teeny tiny plants barely sprouted from the ground.

Now look at the zucchini plants.  They are HUGE.

It seems like the lettuce exploded overnight and is now all ready at once.  I cannot even guess how we're going to eat it all.  I think next year, I will plant one row and then another two weeks later!

All in all, it's pretty impressive for a girl who can't grow things and a guy who doesn't eat vegetables.

I swear they all took steroids in the off season.


  1. No need to plant lettuce at different times. Once you cut the leaves, it will grow back. You might want to plant a second row of a winter lettuce instead so you will have some later in the season (while survive frost).

  2. ***Admission of my own idiotic mistake***
    I meant to say "will survive frost"

  3. Looking good. Tanya will be proud.


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