Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not quite as romantic

When at church last week, my cousin and I were comparing translations of the bible.  She had a more standard version used by most, while I had a newer translation with literal and more modern wording.

During one service, we were reading in Song of Solomon (a book of poetry between a groom and his bride -- bow chick a bow bow) when she came across a stanza with an unfamiliar word.
How handsome you are, my beloved! 
   Oh, how charming! 
   And our bed is verdant.

My cousin's husband assured us that "verdant" meant of brilliant green colouring.  I figured he was likely right, being that "ver-" is usually the start of all green words, but I wanted to be a jerk.  I teased him that he couldn't possibly know that and we would look it up in my translation (which also has a built in dictionary.)

I quickly found the right passage and gazed on the words expecting some sort of triumph.  Instead, I was greeted with:
Our couch is green.
My cousin's husband grinned at me and said, "Loses a bit in the translation, doesn't it?"

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