Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, it's not dead yet: Adventures in Gardening

Anyone who knows anything about me knows I kill plants.  Dead.

Despite having two sets of Grandparents who were avid gardeners and kept beautiful gardens and flowers, I inherited my mother's ability to wither a plant with a look.  I blame my hatred of all things green and leafy on my family's summer garden in which I was forced to spend most of my youth toiling under the hot sun.

I also walked uphill both ways to school.

This year with our yard finally looking awesome, I decided it was high time to plant stuff.  I had one giant garden box that was left for us by the previous owners and three beautiful flower boxes The Guy created for me last year.  I decided to brave the growing world (pun!) and plant some stuff.

I decided to go small.  Two zucchini plants, two tomato plants, one squash.  One row of onions.  Two of lettuce and three of carrots.  Here it is in all it's glory.  The carrots are 3 millimetres high now.  The weeds are taller.

My garden.
If you look REALLY closely on the left, you can see carrots.
The Guy surprised me one day when I got home from a conference.  He had planted to flower boxes for me. You can see they are doing quite well! That would be because I'm not in charge.

Charles is.  Wow! 80s sitcom call back!

Flower box in front of the house
The Guy planted stuff that "looked pretty" and said they were appropriate for our yard temps.  The front ones get little to know sun and the front are BLAZING IN THE HOT SUN all day.  Well, you know... when it's not raining.

One of the flower boxes in the back.
Now, the only problem is that since they have been planted it has rained so much the flowers are moldy!!  I had to go all Queen of Hearts on them and cut off their heads.  I hope they make a full recovery.

If not, I will be planting silk flowers next year.  I hear they almost look real.

I bet even I could keep those alive.


  1. "Charles in charge of my days and my nights. Charles in charge of my wrongs and my riiiights. I want (I want) Charles in charge of me"

    I wonder what Scott Baio is doing right now? Didn't he have a reality show?

  2. I hated, yet loved, working on that huge veggie garden, and for some reason look back on it nostalgically. I think it is in part that which has had me decide to grow potatoes this year (in a bag of soil, as recommended by Jamie Oliver).
    But mom wasn't a plant killer if they were outdoor plants. Remember all the geraniums and morning glories and sweet peas and petunias she used to grow?


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