Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't miss me. I won't go away!

It came to my attention this week that some of my feeds were not properly being transmitted to all my sites.  So, my poor Facebook people were missing out for days!!

I thought this would be a perfect chance for me to remind you how to make sure you don't miss anything I do.  I mean, if a MayB is sarcastic alone, does she really make a sound?

RSS feed: If you use a feed reader, this is the one for you. My feed is here.  I like Google Reader, but have also used about a hundred other sites at one time or another.  If you don't know what a feed is, skip to the next step.

Email notification: To the right hand side of this site, you will notice a "follow by email" link.  Enter your email and a fancy little system will send you an email each time my mind blurts something onto screen.  Isn't that nice?

Follow me via Blogger: Again, to the right and look way way down (like a backwards Friendly Giant) there is the option to follow me.  Now, that is not an invitation to stalk me.  That is totally different and has more to do with the fact we have a real bond and only I can understand you.  Right?  This is a way to prove to the world that you love me, increase my self-esteem and keep tabs on what I'm writing.  So, go to the section People Who Love Me and sign in.

Twitter: If you follow me on Twitter, not only will you receive semi-regular nuggets of wisdom (usually about poop), you will also receive notification when I post.  Handy? Yes.  You're welcome. @Bronwyn_MayB

Facebook: I am on Facebook.  You are on Facebook.  All my relatives are on Facebook.  Why do I pretend I'm still anonymous?  I don't know.  When this feed is working, this is the best place to hear about my recent musings.  Be my friend.  I won't tell anyone and you don't have to talk to me in public.

There.  Did I miss anything?  I haven't perfected my smoke-signal technique, so that is not up and running yet.  Otherwise, I could call you at home every time I post.  It would have to be collect and might be at three in the morning, but for you I would do it.


  1. I think that Google ads is going crazy trying to target people who read your last post: one ad for "makeababy.ca", and one for a menopause relief pill.

    These things amuse me.

  2. I have one for Groupon.

  3. What is a groupon? Sounds like a Klingon only different?


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