Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lifted: Like a wispy skirt in a strong wind

This past week has been a whirl wind of sick and work and from sick and work straight to a three day conference.  I've been feeling a bit as though I'm being pulled in a hundred directions.  I have two reactions to overwhelming business -- sleep and procrastination.

Sometimes, if I'm really good, I procrastinate through sleeping.

I'm like a role model, really.

The last few months (well, let's face it... 18 months) have been hard to get through.  While my personal life is actually pretty great, I am completely assaulted by my professional life which is draining my soul and my will to live.

This three day conference was just another thing on my list of stuff to do that I really regretted offering to be part of.  However, much to my surprise, I was wrong.  (Please note date and time.  This will not be repeated.)

The last topic of the conference was about compassion and kindness.  I know, I know.  SNORE.  But I found myself actually being drawn into the touchy-feely pander and realized that I have things pretty good and maybe it's time to start appreciating it.  It's time to stop being mopey and start being the person that others are glad to be around because she brings joy into their lives rather than just slight amusement at her acerbic wit.

Part of the discussion went to who has made an impact on our lives in a strong, uplifting, supportive way.  I went through the list: my Mom, my grade 5 teacher, my Grandma, my best friend from high school, my best friend from church camp, my sisters, and my husband.

I was so touched by this reminder that I have had important people in my life that I immediately emailed my husband to thank him for being such a huge part of the reason I am not standing in a watchtower with a rifle.  And, since I was already texting with my sister (during the presentation... I'm a bad listener, but a great multi-tasker) I emailed her as well and thanked her for being part of my list of people who lift me up.

I lifted you up? By making fun of you?
No, you ass.  In my life.  In general.  Not just now.  PS: I'm taking you off the list.

I am thankful that the people who are important to me can take something sincere and make it into something absurd.  It makes me know I chose the right ones.

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  1. I really like this post, and you're totally right about trying to be the person who uplifts everyone but, that being said, I still look up to you with slight amusement at your acerbic wit and I always will.

    So there.


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