Monday, June 06, 2011

MayB & The Guy 2 gether 4 ever

Remember being in high school and doodling the name of the person you were hopelessly infatuated with?  Over and over again.

Mrs. Bronwyn Feldman 

Mrs. Bronwyn Slater

Mrs. Bronwyn Swayze

Alas, what teenage girl hasn't done something along those lines.  Sometimes, even with boys who weren't movie stars but equally out of my reach.  Mrs. Bronwyn Howden.  Sigh.

Of course, now that high school alumni will stumble across this and be horrified.  Whatever.  He was red-headed and tall.  In those days, that was all it took.

I liked to take my teenage dreams and ramp it up a notch.  No sense just doing something half way.

Like the time I drew a huge heart on my hand and doodled my name plus a short dorky guy I had a crush on in Grade 8.  Then, when the cool girls caught a glimpse of my hand and mocked me (and him undoubtedly) I was stuck spending the entire recess trying to erase all records of it with soap that smelled like chemicals and paper towel that could take the paint off a car, but not the ink off my hand.

You would think I would have learned after that embarrassment, but alas, teenage girls are stupid.

In Grade 10 algebra, I took stalking and moping to a whole new level.

I started inserting the guy's name into my algebra equations.  You know how x= 2+5?  Well, in my book it went like this

i = 2+5
l = 3-4
v=3/4 x 4/6

You get the picture.

Imagine my horror, when after finishing an hour worth of assignments in my notebook, we were told to pass our books up the row so another classmate could correct our work.

Thank God I used a pencil.


  1. This brought back crazy memories. Flynn. Stacey D. Flynn. Also Rooney.


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