Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Maybe random: definitely irritating, choosing, and dog stories

Do you ever just stop and realize how intensely annoying you are?  Sometimes I am minding my own business and BAM my own irritating personality defects punch me in the face.

I start all conversations with "So, ..."  It is like I cannot just start a conversation.  I cannot just give you a piece of information, I have to prefice it with something like we were already talking about it or like it's a bit of bad news I really didn't want to have to tell you.

So, I think you're a knob. 

So, I heard the other day that you smell terrible.

So, there was this time I pretended to be listening, but was totally trying to remember all 50 states.

Seriously, HOW ANNOYING AM I????


I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was trying to remember all 50 states.  Alphabetically.  But then, I lost count so didn't know if I got them all and had to start over. 

It was exhausting.

Today, I couldn't decide if I wanted ice cream for a snack or chips. 

 I had both, but in small bowls so I wouldn't feel bad about myself.

They were both good, so I don't even know who should have won.

The dog and I play a lot of fetch in the house.  I'm a terrible thrower so this causes no end of stress for The Guy because I will often send the ball veering off in some odd direction as hard as I can throw.  Most of the times it is at the wall just left of the doorway.

Tonight, I threw the ball into the spare room.  Monty chased after it and didn't come back.  I went into the spare room to find him staring at the ball which had rolled behind the rocking chair.  With another ball that had been there earlier.

I moved the chair and let him go in after the balls.  He picked up one, dropped it, and moved to pick up the other.  Then he stopped, looked at me in confusion and left the room.

It was like Sophie's Choice, but he played it smart.
The stupid computers still have 17 hours and 15 minutes left in their syncing.

The Guy told me this is because I am doing the transfer wirelessly.

That is also why neither of our Blackberry's can pick up the WiFi either.  He blames me for this, but really if I shouldn't have done it why did they give me the option?

I'm going to punch elderly Bill Gates twice for that.

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I mean, if you want to.  It would be okay with me.


  1. So, I'm totally laughing out loud for real over here. I start every sentence with either "So..." or "DUDE!" depending on my mood. If I'm excited, it's DUDE! and if it's anything else, it's So...

    When I had to watch myself doing counselling on video, and write a paper, I couldn't stop laughing at myself. "So... your husband.." "So, you said.. " "So, if I'm hearing you correctly.. " "So, then what happened?" "So..." I guess I should be glad I didn't use DUDE!

    So, I think we need to get together and chat. DUDE!

  2. Choosing to transfer files wirelessly is not wrong but incredibly inefficient. You may not have noticed but your Internet is faster when it is directly connected to the modem than when it is connected wirelessly. Live and learn


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